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Faculty and Administrative Mobility

    Staff mobility :
    This allows the teaching staff of institutes of higher learning to teach in foreign Higher Education Institutions (HEI). Mobility of teaching staff can be undertaken in any field or academic specialty.

    Mobility in training :
    This aspect encourages the professional development of both the teaching personnel and non-teaching staff in addition to developing participating institutions. It can be training events abroad (except conferences) or observational training periods in work situations of a partner or other connected institution abroad. Such time abroad can include both teaching and training projects. Staff mobility grants among countries participating in the program favor training mobility of teaching staff which results in their increased skills in pedagogy and program development.
    Administrative staff can also be welcomed by colleagues abroad to exchange professional skills and to become familiar with the methods and organization of foreign partner institutions. Such trips lead to improved welcome of foreign students by understanding their original environment.

    Estefania Nuchera

    Charte Erasmus+

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