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Observatoire de la condition suburbaine

    In line with the school's educational approach, the OCS research team looks more deeply into the spatial phenomena specific to urban peripheral areas and, more precisely, involves observing and interpreting the new town of Marne-la-Vallée, where the school is located.

    The scientific commitment to the global theme of suburban planning is thus rooted in local conditions. Particular attention is given to the energy resilience of both territories and buildings: the issues at stake and the mecanismes used.
    The OCS aims to set up a dialogue between research activities and the subjects studied in depth during the master's degree course. The links between research and teaching
    are strengthened thanks to thematic seminars for each subject. The laboratories
    aim is to welcome students who want wishing to continue investigations linked
    to their dissertation and/or project as part of a doctoral thesis or a research grant.
    The OCS is part of a combined CNRS AUSser Research Unit (UMR 3329) which
    brings together a number of higher education architecture schools. It is accredited by the Haut Conseil d’évaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (HCERES). The development of research through and for the project, expressing the work carried out as part of the DSA for architect-urban
    planners and the post-carbon architecture DPEA, also creates a link with new forms of doctorate.


    The school's affiliation with the doctoral school Ville, Territoire, Transports (VTT)
    means our graduates who have been awarded a research distinction can continue
    doctoral studies in the school, in affiliation with the OCS research team. The post-doctoral researchers benefit from the resources and services available in these

    OCS Director
    Paul Landauer


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