École d’architecture
de la ville & des territoires

Social openness

    The École d'architecture de la ville & des territoires attaches great importance to the diversity of students who choose to study architecture. This is why it is strongly involved in educational actions on a national scale such as the "cordées de la réussite" or the "equal opportunities in architecture schools" programme.

    Architectural creation is nourished by the needs and uses of populations, cultures and their modes of expression. Diversity in schools of architecture is therefore a real challenge, both for bringing architects and users closer together and for renewing ideas.

    The School of Architecture strives to diversify the origins of its students. For several years, it has taken steps to allow candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the school, under the same selection conditions as other candidates. This point is important, because it is not a question of implying that the level of recruitment would be lowered as a result, but rather of helping these young talents to find their way and then, if necessary, providing them with the support they need to overcome their difficulties through tutoring.

    With 26% of students receiving grants, the School of Architecture shows that architecture can be open to diversity. It continues its efforts to ensure that equal opportunities in this field are not just a utopia, but a reality.

    Equal opportunities

    Since 2010, the School of Architecture has been participating in the Equal Opportunity programme, supported by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Culture and la fondation culture et diversité. This programme aims to promote access to architecture studies for high school students from priority education zones and technical or professional training courses.

    Information and awareness-raising for senior high school students
    Under the coordination of a teacher and an administrative officer, visits to high schools allow the programme to be presented and the schools of architecture, their courses and professional opportunities to be made known.

    One-week integration course in a school of architecture
    The scheme includes an internship that allows students to familiarise themselves with the world of architecture and urban planning, to acquire a few notions, to confirm or not their choice of orientation and to prepare themselves for the admission procedures to the schools.

    Support on several levels
    Once admitted as students, the participants in the programme benefit from support at several levels:
    . financial and logistical ;
    . pedagogical ;
    . cultural awareness; and
    . assistance with professional integration.

    Finally, within the framework of a partnership between the Culture & Diversity Foundation and the Fratelli association, the students benefit from a sponsorship by a professional recognised in the world of architecture.

    Cordées de la Réussite

    Launched in 2008 as part of the "Espoir banlieues" initiative, the Cordées de la réussite aim to promote greater equity of access to post-bac training.
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    Pedagogical tutorials

    In parallel with these social outreach programmes, the School has developed an active policy to help students succeed. Several tutorials and monitorships have been set up and are redesigned each year in order to better support students in the acquisition of a core of fundamental skills and knowledge.
    They are divided into several areas:

    . the project, which accounts for 50% of architectural studies;
    . writing skills;
    . grammar and spelling;
    . physics and geometry.

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