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Conférence de Jane Mah Hutton

Reciprocal Landscapes: Stories of Material Movements

mardi 12 avril 2022
à 13:00
Cycle de conférences

Jane Mah Hutton, associate professor, University of Waterloo

How are the far-away, invisible landscapes where materials come from related to the highly visible, urban landscapes where those same materials are installed? Reciprocal Landscapes: Stories of Material Movements traces five everyday landscape construction materials–fertilizer, stone, steel, trees, and wood–from well-known public landscapes in New York City, back to where they came from. Bringing two separate landscapes–the material’s source and the urban site where the material ended up–together, the book explores themes of unequal ecological exchange, labor, and material flows. This talk will introduce the book project and its motivations, and share some of the movements.

Jane Mah Hutton is a landscape architect, teaching at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Her research looks at the extended material flows of common construction materials. Recent books include Reciprocal Landscapes: Stories of Material Movements (Routledge, 2019), the edited book Landscript 5 - Material Culture: Assembling and Disassembling Landscapes (Jovis, 2017), and Wood Urbanism: From the Molecular to the Territorial (Actar, 2019), co-edited with Daniel Ibanez and Kiel Moe. Mah Hutton's research has been supported with an EDRA Great Places Book Award, the Robert and Stephanie Olmsted Fellowship at Macdowell, and a Canadian Centre for Architecture Fellowship.

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Crédit image :
(Top) Detail of guano deposit and settlement, Chincha Islands, Peru, 1862. (Courtesy of New Bedford Whaling Museum).
(Bottom) Detail of Sheep Meadow looking southwest, Central Park, circa 1905. Photograph by William Hale Kirk. (© William Hale Kirk / Museum of the City of New York).

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