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L'Architecture de la voie d'Éric Alonzo dans Socks Studio

A clever and interesting analysis of the book

"The true meaning of this book, and -possibly- its lasting relevance, is made explicit only at the conclusion. Alonzo questions himself as to what is the purpose of designing traffic roads (or of writing a book on such a subject matter) at a time when, at least in the Western world, the mesh of transport infrastructure is essentially completed, the structural economic crisis is bringing to a halt large scale constructions and the environmental issues of years to come will cause a probable decrease in cars circulation. [...] By conceiving the infrastructure as a matter of design, Alonzo invites us to think on the permanent character of the road, exactly as the form of the “urban artifacts” described by Aldo Rossi in The Architecture of the city, is meant to survive the evolution or the obsolescence of their function."

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