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Recovery plan

    The School is committed to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to France's economic recovery

    Recovery plan: the school is committed!

    In order to support the school in its energy renovation work, the project team launched a public consultation on 25 March to recruit a project manager for the interior work.

    After examining the applications, three teams were selected and invited to visit the school. On the basis of the proposals for action and energy savings envisaged by each group and after negotiations, the jury selected the winning team.

    With their experience in designing and building the school 25 years ago, the team composed of Vedea, Reid and Brewing Architects and BET Choulet stood out. Their technical knowledge of the site and the vision of Bernard Tschumi's project is an undeniable asset for the continuation of the work.

    The dialogue between the architect's project and the new uses should give rise to a multitude of interventions that will eventually give a new impetus to life in the school.

    Bernard Tschumi validates the project established by the Vedea agency and its team

    Published on 21/09/2021

    Particular attention has been paid to the architectural quality of the proposed modifications in order to respect the original character of the building.

    Here are the main points:
    Better insulation to reduce our energy consumption:
    Some of the windows will be replaced. The entrance door will be renovated and two new thermal locks will be created on the opposite side of the building to prevent draughts. The lower part of the rear façade will be replaced by glass windows, with a unified treatment of the base of the whole building. A new entrance to the school is also planned, which will open onto the terrace and outdoor areas, which will also be redeveloped. The insulation of the roof terraces will also be improved.
    Greener energy:
    The school is committed to producing its own environmentally friendly energy by installing photovoltaic panels on the unoccupied roofs and by connecting to the urban geothermal network, 80% of whose production comes from renewable energy.
    Improved comfort:
    The ventilation system of the amphitheatre will be completely redesigned to avoid cold sensations in front of the diffuser. Destratifiers will be installed in the atrium and the high-rise project workshops to limit heat loss and improve winter comfort. Passive solutions will be implemented to avoid summer overheating: solar films will be installed on the south facades and a passive ventilation system will be created in the atrium.

    The next step is the signing of the works contracts in November.

    The project management team for the interior works has been selected

    Published on 09/06/2021

    Following the public consultation launched on 25 March to recruit a project manager for the interior energy renovation works, the selected candidates visited the building. On the basis of their bids and according to architectural and energy quality criteria, the jury selected the winning group on 3 June after negotiations.

    The selected team is composed of the agencies Vedea, Reid and Brewing Architects and the BET Choulet. Each of these members had actively participated́ in the design and construction of the school 25 years ago and have come together specifically to respond to the call of the relaunch plan.

    They will now start the energy diagnostic and preliminary design studies in order to precisely determine the benefit/cost ratio and choose the best technical solutions available on the construction market today.

    The preliminary project for the development of the external spaces is validated

    Published on 05/05/2021

    On the basis of the sketch drawn up previously by the landscape design agency La Plume et Le Sécateur, the Lemoal Lemoal agency delivered its vision for the future of the school's surroundings on 23 April.

    The project revolves around a multi-sports field at the back of the school. It will be a unifying feature and will give new impetus to the area. Around the perimeter, tiered seating will alternate with pockets of vegetation offering new spaces for students. Similarly, a vegetable garden will be shared between the Accro-Terre association and the tenants of the university residence.

    A pathway incorporating a bicycle shelter will link the rear of the building to the pedestrian entrance. A covered outdoor space will be set up for the model workshop which will allow students to explore new creative potential. At the front, a meadow will develop independently and become a place of experimentation for the students. They will be able to compete creatively in the design of the mows over the seasons.

    By placing users at the centre of its concept, the Lemoal Lemoal agency's project has won over the project team. Work should begin at the start of the next school year.

    Launch of a public consultation for the project management of the interior works

    Published on 14/04/2021

    On 25 March, the team in charge of the energy renovation of the school launched a formalized procedure with negotiation in order to recruit a group of project managers for the interior works. Interested companies will have until 26 April 2021 to submit their applications.

    The contract will be divided into two selection phases:

    . The applications will be examined from 27 to 30 March and a special committee, created for the occasion, will analyse the offers and select three teams.
    The jury will be composed of the project team and a practising architect from the teaching team.
    . At the end of the application phase, the selected teams will be invited to visit the school on 6 May in order to better understand the programmatic constraints. On the basis of the proposals for action and energy savings envisaged by each grouping, a second jury will be held between 26 and 28 May to begin negotiations and designate the winning project management team.

    At the beginning of June, the selected project management team will work on the design studies by integrating the data in the programme, the special clauses, the project budget and the intervention prescriptions established by Bernard Tschumi.

    The project manager for the development of the outdoor areas has been chosen!

    Published on 07/04/2021

    To design and carry out the development of the outdoor spaces, the school has called on its network. Sonia Sifflet, 2018 winner of the Échelle Un scheme - an incubator created by the school to encourage the creation and development of young architectural agencies - and partner in the Lemoal Lemoal agency has responded favourably.

    The agency will submit a preliminary project to the project team on 23 April. The emphasis will be on the mobility of tomorrow to encourage students to travel by bicycle thanks to the installation of a shelter or by electric vehicle thanks to the installation of two charging stations. A pedestrian path will facilitate circulation within the plot. By developing the neglected spaces, the school wishes to improve its working environment.

    Bernard Tschumi assists us in developing the programme of works

    Published on 07/04/2021

    The school was designed by the Franco-Swiss architect, Bernard Tschumi, Grand Prix d'Architecture. Only the first part of the building was built. Its extension as imagined in the architect's initial project is still a possibility. Therefore, the works envisaged in the framework of the recovery plan must be adapted to this particular context.

    In order to preserve the architectural integrity of the building, it was important for the project team to involve the architect in the evolution of the building. His expertise as an assistant to the project owner is being sought to draw up specifications describing the possible options so that the work can be perfectly integrated into the initial project. The team will work with him throughout the duration of the works.

    The audits are over!

    Published on 31/03/2021

    Launched in October 2020, the two audits, energy and ventilation, have been returned by the companies C.I.E Dupaquier and Axpacaal. Analysing the current building in its entirety, the audits determine the possible points of action.

    Among the most realistic solutions in terms of technical and aesthetic feasibility, the renovation of the glazed surfaces, the heating system and the installation of solar protection are envisaged. The use of flat roofs is also a possibility, particularly for the production of electricity or the installation of an aeraulic ventilation system.

    Still with a view to improving user comfort, specific operations could make it possible to regulate the temperatures of the atrium and reduce winter discomfort. The renovation of the entrance SAS and the creation of two SAS on the rear facade would reduce draughts and the addition of heaters under the amphitheatres would maintain a pleasant temperature in the cafeteria.

    Based on these requirements, the team in charge of the school's energy renovation refined the programme and determined a well thought-out action plan combining environmental factors and people's well-being.

    The first works are already underway!

    Published on 31/03/2021

    In addition to the initial work carried out during the summer of 2020 to replace the lamps in the workshops with low-energy LEDs, all the other lights will be changed by the end of the school year.

    To increase the energy saving tenfold, presence sensors will be installed in the toilets, the car park and in the access locks to the lecture theatres. This project was entrusted to the VSYS company, selected after a call for tenders. The work will start on 9 April 2021.

    In addition, the upgrading of the building's technical management system will make it possible to regulate the lighting according to the occupation of the premises.

    Outdoor landscaping: the first trees are planted!

    Published on 03/02/2021

    At the heart of the project, the greening of the plot is essential. A significant contribution to biodiversity, the vegetation also indirectly acts on the cooling of the building during the summer. The School called on the landscape design agency La Plume et le Sécateur.

    Their project includes a sketch of the development of the outside spaces where the student associations are offered areas dedicated to permaculture, allowing a direct supply of fruit and vegetables to the school.

    With this in mind, some fifty trees of ten different species were planted in January, which, as they grow, will provide a shaded area.

    Funding for school energy renovation granted!

    Published on 13/01/2021

    As part of the call for projects to finance the renovation of public establishments owned by the State, the school has been awarded a budget of €2.9 million. By participating in this vast national programme, the school is helping to support the construction sector and France's economic recovery.

    In an institution like ours, working comfort must be a priority. This is why, in addition to reducing the building's energy consumption, particular attention is paid to improving living conditions throughout the seasons. The solutions envisaged favour the creation of passive systems in order to meet environmental objectives.

    Based on an energy audit carried out in 2011 and on the studies carried out by the postgraduate course "DPEA PoCa Post-carbone", the works include the renovation of the glazed surfaces of the atrium, the insulation of the roofs, the optimisation of the ventilation system and the greening of the plot. In addition to this ambitious programme, the administration will continue the improvements already started on a smaller scale, such as the relamping or renovation of its heating system.

    The works will be implemented in the short term, with contracts being awarded by the end of 2021 and the projects delivered by 2023. The project will be managed internally by the director, Amina Sellali, accompanied by the general secretary, Sophie Perdrial, the financial manager, Franck Provitolo, and Romain Mandavit, an architect who graduated from ENSA Paris-Est. Over the next few years, the school will reinvent itself and strive to meet tomorrow's energy criteria.

    The audits are underway!

    Published on 28/10/2020

    Encouraged by its participation in the recovery plan, the school has already commissioned professionals to carry out an energy audit and a ventilation audit. In order to commit to a coherent strategy for large-scale works, these audits will be a valuable support for the development of the energy renovation programme.

    The school is a candidate for the national stimulus plan for the energy renovation of state buildings!

    Published on 14/10/2020

    Following the unprecedented health crisis we are experiencing, the government launched a recovery plan on 3 September 2020 to support activity in the short term, but also to take a transformational approach by investing in the most promising areas in order to build the France of tomorrow.

    The France of 2030 will have to be greener and more respectful of the climate. One of the key measures is the energy renovation of government and higher education buildings, which was launched on 7 September.

    Accompanied by a student from the post-master's course 'Post-carbon architecture', Camille Campos, the school has applied for funding to renovate the building. This project aims to improve user comfort while significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

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